How it Works

The Healing Hive was created to help mothers find connection during the ever transitional time of pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. Finding your place as a mother can be hard. Family and friends don't always fit the bill when it comes to unconditional support. Our goal is to help every mother have a hive she can rely on for support, encouragement, and community.

Hive meetings take place weekly using a HIPAA compliant web-based platform. You can show up in your pajamas, yoga pants, or from work, whatever works best for you. Hive meetings are peer support groups and are not a substitute for clinical counseling. If you ever feel like you need more support, please ask Ashley for a referral. While there is no set agenda for each group, there are going to be common themes to explore in each hive. General motherhood, anxiety, depression, loneliness, humility, victories, and laughs will all be discussed and shared. All peer support groups are facilitated by Ashley S. Lingerfelt, a therapist, lactation counselor, and birth doula.

While this is not a specific LBTQIA+ support group, all persons identifying as a woman and mother are welcome, including adoptive mothers and gestational carriers. Mothers do not come in one shape, size, gender, or sexual identity, and our facilitator has created an affirming environment. If you are looking for a specific LGBTQIA+ parenting and caregiver support group, reach out to Ashley for a referral.

How do I join a hive?

In order to keep our hives as secure as possible, you must fill out a brief contact form in order to be approved to join. Our founder, Ashley, will contact you if she has any questions and will send you a link for access to the group. As of now, hives are completely free of charge. We believe community should be free. β™‘

We hope you find your hive. 🐝