Welcoming Motherhood

As a result of the chaos of the current viral pandemic, we decided to add a support group called Welcoming Motherhood that takes place once a week in the evening. This group will be a temporary replacement for our developmental hives. This group covers topics that are more specific to mental health and overarching themes that affect managing the day to day of motherhood. Each week will focus on whatever the group needs. Specific topics, such as anxiety, depression, spousal support, family relationships, grief, and more will also be discussed. Each group is a mix of education and peer support and is facilitated by Ashley, our founder. If you'd like to join, please fill out a form below so Ashley can send you an invitation to join.

Whether you are in the very beginning of your journey or you are a seasoned parent, finding a village and a community is essential. Our hives are based out of Canton, Georgia, but are open to women all over the world. Please join our motherhood community. Hive meetings are 60 minutes long. All are welcome.

For more information about hive meetings and how they work, please click here.

The Welcoming Motherhood group takes place every Monday evening at

6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Topics we will discuss:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • OCD

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

  • Anger + Rage

  • Irritability

  • Self-kindness

  • Partner Support + Struggles

  • Identity shifts

  • Infant feeding

  • Mood Swings